Friday, October 26, 2007

Reader Review: Theatre of the Vampires

Submitted by Rhonda L. Smith of Denver

Want a great Halloween date night? Don’t miss Theatre of the Vampires. “It’s Ann Rice meets Rocky Horror Picture Show, meets Cirque du Soleil,” says Frequent Flyers Productions’ Artistic Director Nancy Smith.

In Act I, a beautiful young journalist goes to Paris to interview the ghoulish emcee of “Theatre of the Vampires,” a variety show for the mortals of Paris. Of course, the emcee falls for said journalist, and manages to suck her into his fiendish world (pun definitely intended.). In Act II, as the emcee and the journalist continue their dangerous flirtation, the vampires carry on their “variety show,” sometimes mocking human fascination with pop culture and its icons, and sometimes simply trying to shock the mere mortals out of their complacency. The show is dark, campy and sexy. It’s not for the faint of heart (PG13 -- leave the little ones at home for this one!).

The beauty of this show is that the entire presentation is done on low-flying trapeze, hanging cloth and other original apparatus. It makes the already bizarre story line that much more surreal and thrilling. There’s nothing to compare with the beauty of taking modern dance airborne, and in this particular application, the result is spectacular and truly otherworldly.

Theatre of the Vampires will show at Macky Auditorium on October 31 and November 1, 8:00. Call 303-444-SEAT, or purchase online at

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