Friday, March 27, 2009

Vox Feminista's "Money" is a bargain of a show

Vox Feminista, Colorado’s premier radical theater troupe, addresses such timely topics as ecological capitalism, poverty and feminism, prison labor, Pentagon spending, corporate greenwashing, lobbying, health care, banking and how we count in their spring production MONEY opening tonight at the Nomad.

Through poetry, drama, comedy, video, and song, Vox examines the tragedy of the market and the counter forces we’ll need in order to heal.

"As the impossible bubble economy bursts like fireworks all around us, Vox Feminista ponders the subject of MONEY - money and meaning, the meaning of money. How do we measure well-being in a state of imperial decline and denial? How do we redefine “national security” and “terrorism”? What should we do with a system that teaches us to destroy our only habitat? Can we awaken humanity’s sleeping heart? Because, now we know: what’s for sale in America is our welfare. Homo Economicus staggers forward. Hopefully, we’ll find the will to use this crisis as an opportunity to enlarge a harvest of real democracy and learn to share."

Fri. Mar. 27 & Sat. Mar. 28 - Nomad Theatre, 1410 Quince, Boulder
Sat. Apr. 4, 11 & 18 - Mercury Café, 2199 California, Denver
Fri. Apr.24, - Jamestown Town Hall
Fri. May 1 - the b.side lounge, 2017 13th St., Boulder (21 and over)
Sat. May 2 - Mercury Café, Denver
Fri. May 8 & Sat. May 9 - Nomad Theatre, Boulder
Sat. May 16 - Avo's, 605 S. Mason, Ft. Collins

All shows 8 PM
Admission at the door
$12-$30 sliding scale


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Friday, March 20, 2009

Misa Tariro: Mass of Hope bridges cultures

March 22, 3pm
Bethany Lutheran Church, 4500 E. Hampden Ave., Englewood
Tickets: 303-987-7845 or 303-987-7876 or

A compelling new work of power and beauty, commissioned by the Boulder Chorale, Randall McIntosh’s Misa Tariro (Mass of Hope) combines texts of the traditional Latin mass with sacred Shona poetry. In a performancs dedicated to the plight of those living with AIDS in Africa, Kutandara Marimba will combine with voices of the Colorado Chorale to present Misa Tariro this Sunday, March 22. A variety of selections from the Chorale and Kutandara Marimba are also on the program.


Work on the Misa Tariro began in 2001, shortly after contemporary Colorado composer and Kutandara music director Randall (“Randy”) Seaton McIntosh returned from Zimbabwe. While there Randy attended ceremonies and witnessed how villages use music to create community.

After experiencing an all-night ceremony, Randy wanted to capture the flow of energy and responsive spirit of this type of music and worship in a major composition of appropriate depth and scope. He saw parallels between the Shona ceremonies and the spiritual journey of a Mass.

But beyond the wonderful musical form, beyond the energetic zeal of the instruments and his hopes to widen the horizons of musical capabilities for musicians, singers, and audiences alike, Randy stresses that the ultimate inspiration for this work lies in the impressive resiliency of the Zimbabwean peoples in the face of their unbelievable hardships:

"My friends and colleagues in Zimbabwe live a much different life than I do: today, everyone in Zimbabwe is suffering. Life expectancy for is 37. Inflation is horrendous. AIDS has taken over 40 percent of the population. There is no gas. There is no food. Towns the size of Boulder have orphanages with thousands of children in residence. Every year I receive news from friends that not one or two, but several members of the family have passed away. Yet they go on. The joy of my composition is the artistic expression of the joy of the Zimbabwean—and human---spirit. This continues to live and love, give thanks, make music and dance and somehow persevere. That is why I have named it Misa Tariro: Mass of Hope."

--Randy McIntosh

Other music performances this weekend include Boulder Philharmonic, "Awakening the Imagination" Macky Auditorium on March 21 at 7:30pm; and Boulder Philharmonic String Quartet family concert, at Boulder Public Library on March 22 at 4pm.

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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Boulder Area Theater Highlights

The University of Colorado Department of Theater and Dance spring semester's production of “The Awakening of Spring” continues tonight through this weekend at the University Theatre, Mainstage. A tragedy of adolescence, “The Awakening of Spring” is a searing indictment of Victorian prudishness where well-meaning parents and teachers silence all discussion of sexuality with the teens in their care. Teenagers move from desire, idealism and exploration to unwanted sex, abortion, suicide and despair as they make the complicated, thrilling, frightening and confusing transition from childhood to adulthood without the adult guidance they so desperately need. Note that “The Awakening of Spring” is for mature audiences. March 11-14 at 7:30pm, March 15 at 2pm.

If you're looking for something lighter, Buntport Theater Company presents "Seal. Stamp. Send. Bang." which tells the story of four people and how the post office happens to connect them in surprising ways. It's an all-original musical with a Buntport twist, one that promises you'll never look at mail the same way! March 12-14 at 8pm. Check the website for additional dates and times through April 4.

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