Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Final Weekend! Gemma Wilcox Presents 52 Pickup and Shadows in Bloom (Take 2)

Two plays exploring the ins and outs and ups and downs of that turbulent and tender ride we call intimate relationship.

52 Pick Up was voted "Best of Fest" and was at sell out hit show of the 2008 Boulder Fringe Festival. 52 cards in a deck. 52 scenes about a couple's relationship. The title of each scene is written on a card. At the start of the show the deck is shuffled and tossed in the air. The actors pick up the cards one at a time, which determines the playing order of the scenes. No two shows are alike! Or at least, it is very unlikely!

Shadows lurk, jealousy seethes, plants talk, seeds grow in Shadows in Bloom (Take 2). Gemma Wilcox takes the audience on an adventure through the life of Sandra and her complex relationships. Out of the shadows and onto the stage Wilcox transforms seamlessly from male to female, from kid to crustacean, from flora to fauna in the most compelling tale yet. Boulder premiere!

Ths, Jan 22: Shadwos in Bloom, 7:30pm
Fri, Jan 23: 52 Pick Up, 7:30pm
Sat, Jan 24: Shadwos in Bloom, 6:30pm
Sat, Jan 24: 52 Pick Up, 8:30pm

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