Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Boulder Author Elaine Pease Weaves Magic with History in "Ghost Over Boulder Creek"

“Elaine Pease has written an excellent novel full of ghostly spirits of the past, filled with mystery and Cheyenne trails.”
-Gordon Yellowman, Cheyenne Indian Chief

“When I received this manuscript I just couldn't put it down- it is stories like this that turn kids into readers.”
-Cathy Morrison, illustrator

Author Elaine Pease, a Boulder, Colorado-based author and publisher of children’s fiction educational picture books and middle grade novels recently released Ghost Over Boulder Creek, (Filter Press; October, 2010) an exciting Native American history mystery. It follows a half-Cheyenne, half-white boy, Run Through Fire on his journey with Buffalo Bill to find his father. But ghostly images haunt him and Run Through fears for his life.

Filled with the colorful characters that made up the Westward Movement, Ghost Over Boulder Creek takes young readers back to 1868, when cultures clashed and Manifest Destiny ruled. But one boy defies the odds to save his mother, his people, and prove his bravery as a Cheyenne.

“After Father taken away, the Cheyenne pushed from reservation to reservation. He would not know Tsitsistas in Oklahoma Territory on the Washita.” He wanted to smile confidence but something caught his attention, something that swirled in the dusty sunbeam behind the two men. Was it his spirit guide? Was it a ghost? Then, it disappeared, with a sudden tent rattling breeze, and a moan that could have been the wind but still raised bumps on Run Through Fire’s arms.”

When Run Through Fire’s white father is accused of stealing horses and taken away by white men, Run Through Fire knows he must protect his Cheyenne mother. Though both survive the terrible Washita River Massacre upon their Cheyenne people, they are captured and his mother is sent to prison. General Custer believes Run Through Fire is a captive white boy raised by the Cheyenne. Run Through Fire pretends it’s true to stay alive in the white man’s world and he and Buffalo Bill journey across the Oklahoma plains toward newly settled Boulder in Colorado Territory, to find Run Through Fire’s father. After he arrives in Boulder, ghostly images that have haunted Run Through Fire during his journey, prove to be more than warnings.

Author Elaine Pease is passionate about western history. She wanted to bring it to life for young readers. How, she wondered, could she write about history and also make it an exciting story? When she researched her local Boulder newspaper’s archives, she stumbled upon a real find. In 1867, the local sheriff and deputy reported seeing a ghost by Boulder Creek. The story tied in nicely with the timing of the Washita River Massacre and other important events and people. Weaving fact and fiction, Elaine created a survivor from that massacre—half Cheyenne, half white boy, Run Through Fire.


Elaine Pease is the author of two picture books, the sweet and vibrant I’ll Never Leave and her more recent, Even Sharks Need Friends. I’ll Never Leave is the story of Little Leaf, a leaf in springtime that loves her work on the tree, so much, she’s fearful of leaving. Children learn about photosynthesis and nature’s cycle.

Even Sharks Need Friends is the funny and zany story of a hammerhead shark looking for a friend. Hammy the hammerhead is teased and bullied because he’s a big guy. When he meets a little sea urchin, he rejects her because she’s little and wears ugly eyeglasses. Through the adventure, Hammy finally learns good friends can come in small packages. Ms. Pease wrote and illustrated this sparkly, 3-D undersea world. Toddlers through third graders love these bright and boldly illustrated books, filled with fun, educational games.


Sat. Oct. 30, 2010, 12-2pm
GHOST OVER BOULDER CREEK Launch and Uni-Hill Boo'k Fair
Barnes & Noble
2999 Pearl St.
Boulder, CO 303-444-1066

Sun. Oct. 31, 12-1pm
GHOST OVER BOULDER CREEK signing with ghostly treats
Flatiron Crossing, Broomfield

Ghost Over Boulder Creek releases October 30, 2010.

All books can be ordered through Books West, 800-378-4188, Baker & Taylor 908-541-7862 or online at “Ghost Over Boulder Creek” can be ordered directly through the publisher Filter Press, 888-570-2663.

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