Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Celestial Seasonings® Brings the Sleepytime™ Bear to Life Online

Specialty Tea Leader Introduces a New Tea Time Ritual by Way of Social Media, Providing Escape and Calm for Tea Drinkers

The Celestial Seasonings® beloved Sleepytime® Bear is about to transform traditional tea time. With the help of social media, the Sleepytime Bear character will be brought to life – delivering inspiration, calm and community and establishing a new tea time ritual that is reflective of today’s realities.

On Wednesday, December 8 at 7 p.m. MST, Celestial Seasonings, Inc. will host a live launch party for its weekly “Tea Time with Sleepytime Bear” Twitter sessions at its Boulder, Colorado headquarters. Local bloggers and Sleepytime Bear himself will be in attendance to discuss their tea rituals (and the escape they provide) with Twitter users . The event will also introduce a new Celestial Seasonings tea variety, Sleepytime Decaf Lemon Jasmine Green Tea.

“My mantra, ‘Serenity in a cup, drink it up™,’ speaks directly to the unique ability of tea to help everyone relax and take a break for a few moments,” said Sleepytime Bear [mascot] of Celestial Seasonings. “I think of tea as ‘liquid wisdom’ and I’ve been creating and blending my own line of teas since 1972, so I have a considerable amount of wisdom to share and Twitter and Facebook offer the ideal medium, one that tea drinkers greatly value.”

The Sleepytime Bear recently launched his own Facebook page and Twitter handle to provide a destination for those seeking a respite from their everyday cares. His weekly “Tea Time with Sleepytime Bear” Twitter sessions will serve as an outlet through which tea drinkers can connect with others, share tips for finding calm and heed the inspirational wisdom and comforting humor of the Sleepytime Bear. The weekly hour-long Twitter sessions will take place every Tuesday at 1 p.m. MST beginning December 14.

“This new tea ritual combines the release and connections social media provides with the naturally calming and replenishing properties of tea,” said Peter Burns, General Manager of Celestial Seasonings. “Much like tea time, our iconic Sleepytime Bear has migrated from ‘sleepy’ to stylishly Zen as seen on the packaging of our newest Sleepytime tea varieties, so we’re excited to bring him to life via Twitter and Facebook to inspire tea drinkers everywhere.”

Each week, a different Celestial Seasonings tea will serve as “sponsor” for the Twitter “Tea Time” session, enabling online users to learn about the many all-natural varieties of Celestial Seasonings tea – including herbal, green, white, red, chai and wellness. Additionally, Celestial Seasonings will give away special tea gift packages to select “Tea Time” participants once a month.

Additional information is located at the Celestial Seasonings website, and

Follow the launch party live Tweets by searching on the Twitter hashtag #CSTeaTime

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