Wednesday, July 7, 2010


EVER WONDER ... "How do they paint those huge building murals?"

FIND OUT working side by side professional artist, Anita Yeh creating Berthoud's newest public art piece. Yeh will design the image for the mural for the east wall of the art center, a 40 x 15 foot area just west of the intersection of 4th street and Massachusetts. Her student art team will then learn how both to enlarge the image to fit the actual wall, and apply the paint to create it.Visit the Wildfire Arts website to access the application and get involved!

Seeking interns: High School age through Adults to create and paint the 40' x 15' mural at 425 Massachusetts Street, Berthoud, July 9, 11, 12-15, 26-29 (9:30 - mid afternoon). Download an application from the Wildfire Arts website

A Sense of Community

Yeh, who moved to Berthoud in 2008, and is married to metal artist David Norrie, has training in art therapy, as well as making her living creating commissioned art. What interests Yeh about the mural project is the ability of a project like this to reinforce the sense of community through the creation of the artwork, the fact that the mural brings a spot of brightness and cheerfulness to the town and most especially, the opportunity to work with people with a creative spirit and drive and to be able to mentor them to see that opportunities exist to be able to develop a career in a creative field and earn income.

Eye Candy Berthoud-style

Her design for the Wildfire mural incorporates some elements of a painting style from rural China, known as farm painting. The bold, graphic style is similar to the primitivist American painter Grandma Moses and uses bright colors, repetitive shapes to create story like scenes, often of holiday celebrations of weddings and other common festivities. Yeh's design for the Wildfire mural has the dragon mascot of the art center morphing into mountains, with sunflowers and greenery to invoke the garden spot nature of Berthoud. The bright colors and active shapes will draw attention to the building, and provide another piece of eye candy for the community.

In addition to the intern muralists, anyone from the community who wants to help is welcome, there will be scaffolding to set up and move as well as other jobs. Wildfire hopes to gain some financial support for the project from local groups and businesses. Any questions about the project can be answered by Anita Yeh at 720-841-2770 or Wildfire e-mail


Wildfire encourages community support and volunteers. Thanks to the businesses who have donated snacks and sundries!

More info on-line at the Wildfire Arts website, or call Wildfire (970) 532-3594.

Wildfire’s vision…

Wildfire envisions a town where the arts are a part of everyday life…where residents learn, create and experience belonging in a creative community.

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