Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Kid's Literature Workshops, Sept 12

Calling all Kids!
And, of course, their parents.

This Saturday !!! Come on down! Bring your kids!
If you don't have any nearby, borrow some and bring them. Or, bring that inner child everyone keeps talking about.

At the NEW Barnes & Noble
(by Pearl St. Whole Foods)
Saturday September 12th, 10:00 AM

Barnes & Noble is having a morning of Kid's Literature workshops.
For kids and their big kid friends.
While you are there, get lost in the stacks. Aisles, miles, and files of great books await you.

Important Information - Ted Ringer, amazing author of Born with a Beard and Gus Goes West, will be conducting the two sessions listed below.
Always good to bring a pen and paper.

The Amazing Adventures of Me!
10:00 AM
Celebrate your own good self. Learn how to tell tall tales, true stories, and everything in between. No experience necessary. Create a biography no one will forget. Find out just how amazing you really are. Turn the spotlight on yourself and see spots. Indulge the you in you you. You, you you.
(special materials provided)

Notebooks Gone Crazy
11:00 AM
Learn about the need for and the caring of notebooks. A notebook can become the heart of your creative life. We will discuss possible strategies, create examples, and figure out what's next.
This session promises to be intimate, immediate, and unintimidating.
Bring your pencils, pens, and maybe
even a notebook (pocketsize is cheapest and best).

See you there!

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