Friday, September 25, 2009

Virtual Peace Dance & Benefit Raises Real Awareness & Dollars

On September 26, 2009, nearly half a million world citizens in over 60 countries will join together for the world’s largest synchronized music and dance festival for peace.

Earthdance Mystical Mastery will unites people from around the globe through the virtual world of Second Life for the annual Earthdance celebration and synchronized global Prayer for Peace. Earthdance Mystical Mastery will also be raising funds for the organization Tariro, who provides for the education of young girls in Zimbabwe who have been orphaned by the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

This 24-hour event includes live performances from 11am-5pm SLT and DJ/dance music throughout the day. Some of Second Life’s top-notch musicians and performance artists bring their talents to Earthdance Mystical Mastery including Avatar Orchestra Metaverse; ChangHigh Trinity Sisters Fireshow of Light, Life & Love; DJ Miles Eleventhauer; Cypress Rosewood; Aira Jun; and Reis & Ald Alter.

Performers are from Portugal, Holland, Denmark, Germany, Norway, Canada, Brazil, Italy and the United States. At least 50% of all performers’ tips and 100% of donations to Earthdance Mystical Mastery will be donated to this year’s benefit organization Tariro, bringing hope & health to Zimbabwe’s orphans.

The defining moment of Earthdance is the Synchronized Global Prayer for Peace where every Earthdance event around the world listens to the Prayer at the same moment, 4pm SLT.

Second Life Locator (SLURL): Mastery/131/120/50

Sponsored by Sonorant VR2L Media™. Bringing the world's music to virtual worlds...and back!


Tariro works to bring hope and health to HIV/AIDS orphans in Zimbabwe by educating young women. Located in the high-density neighborhood of Glen Norah in Harare, Tariro enables young women who have been orphaned by AIDS to complete a secondary school education, thereby dramatically reducing their risk of contracting HIV/AIDS.

The public school system collapse in 2008 created significant challenges for Tariro as they moved all the girls into private and boarding schools so they could continue their education. In addition, the challenges of this economic year have resulted in a decrease in contributions from individuals. Tariro appreciates any and all support at this critical time of need.

“Education, particularly for girls, is fundamental to reversing the spread of HIV/AIDS.” – UNICEF

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In order to increase awareness of live events in Second Life and to spread the word about this wonderful event, Mal Burns and Metaworld Broadcasting will web casting this event on their live music channel:


A big thank you to our sponsor, Sonorant VR2L Media™!

Sonorant VR2L Media™ are the developers of the Sonorant VR2L Media™ delivery system for playing music and media in Second Life. Sonorant is focused on providing engaging and interactive media experiences for consumers while bringing Second Life and Real Life artists additional revenue streams and promotions in the emerging platform of virtual worlds.

Using the Sonorant VR2L Media™ System, Second Life residents are able to listen to music with their friends and access artist information in the form of notecards and links to websites and in-world locations.

Sonorant VR2L Media™ has generously donated a special Earthdance Mystical Mastery 2009 Sampler Album containing tracks of EDMM performers and others who are contributing to this great event.

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