Friday, October 2, 2009

MindSpiral: Live Space Music & Laser Star Show Comes to Fiske Planetarium, Oct 3

There was a day, anyone with a tape machine, a synthesizer and some effects called themselves "electronic musicians."

But, the genre of ambient/space and electronic music has grown up. MindSpiral, a fine example of thoughtful, musical, soulful electronic space music will be at Fiske Planetarium this Saturday, October 3 at 7pm. This must see, must hear event, complete with the laser show magic of the planetarium, is a kid friendly show and tickets are only $10.

MindSpiral is the name given to a series of collaborations between Boulder resident Mike Metlay and various members of the worldwide electronic music community. This year's project pairs Metlay with ambient/space music pioneer Tony Gerber.

Gerber has been in the electronic music scene for many years. He built his first synthesizer in 1975 at age 14, and began experimenting with recording sounds using cellophane covering the erase head of a reel-to-reel tape deck. He continues to be a pioneer both through his continually maturing music and evolving soundscapes, which now include Native American flutes and new digital technology, and through his involvement in the 3D virtual world of Second Life.

Gerber's reputation as performer Cypress Rosewood in Second Life has marked him as one of the most successful musicians to use the virtual world to catapult his career––spawning a real world/virtual world radio show, hundreds of in-world concerts, television interviews and numerous CDs released under his "avatar's" name. This is Gerber's first visit to the Denver/Boulder area, where he already has a solid fan base from his Second Life work. His music has a reputation for uplifting, healing and relaxing on a very deep and profound level.

Metlay brings a battery of sampled and digitally generated sounds wrapped up in his laptops. I've heard some of mindSpiral's earlier offerings (there have been eight previous collaborations) and this is some solid, great electronic space music played with intelligence and intent.

Metlay's 30-year career is as an artist, producer, bandleader, community-builder, and event organizer in the realm of experimental music. While Mike is most famous for the Different Skies concerts at Arcosanti, Arizona, he has gained critical and popular acclaim for the concerts he does at home for his local audience under the name mindSpiral. Metlay also performs in Second Life under the avatar name Sprial Sands.

The evening promises to be full of soaring, uplifting spiritual space music of a sort rarely heard in Colorado, fun and exciting for listeners of all ages, with the Fiske’s famous visuals providing an inspiring backdrop for mindSpiral’s live music... including a guest appearance by Fritz, the Fiske’s famous Zeiss planetarium projector, who will rise from his hibernation pit to join Tony and Mike under a starry and laser-lit sky.

It’s like nothing you’ve ever heard before. It’s not to be missed. It’s mindSpiral!


Fiske Planetarium
Saturday, October 3, 7pm
Tickets: $10. On sale now at the Fiske Planetarium box office.

Sponsored by Sonorant VR2L Media™, bringing the worlds music to virtual worlds...and back!

BONUS: Read the Daily Camera interview with Mike Metlay by Greg Glasgow in April, 2007. NOTE THE TIME OF THE 2007 SHOW WAS 8PM. SATURDAY'S SHOW IS AT 7PM.

Ticket information also available on the CU Events website

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