Thursday, April 29, 2010

“Secrets to Sleeping Well” Senior-Focus Health Lecture

Tuesday, May 4, 10-11am
Calvary Bible Church, 3245 Kalmia Ave, Boulder

In the Winter/Spring issue of Boulder Magazine, local author Kay Turnbaugh wrote about the serious risks of sleep apnea (see When the Breathing Stops).

The chances of enjoying a restful sleep slowly decrease as we age. In fact, about 3 out of 5 adults over age 65 have some kind of sleep complaint. Insomnia is only one of the problems. Snoring and sleep apnea — repeated short episodes of interrupted breathing — also become more common with age. Poor sleep quality can be a cause for concern, since it can lead to an increased risk of stroke, heart attack, depression, obesity and diabetes.

Board-certified sleep expert Michael Weissberg, MD, of the Boulder Community Sleep Disorders Center will describe ways to improve sleep during a free, one-hour health lecture. The lecture will be held on Tuesday, May 4, from 10 to 11 a.m. at Calvary Bible Church, located at 3245 Kalmia Avenue in Boulder.

Reservations are required. Attendees should call 303-441-0580 or email .


Boulder Community Hospital (BCH) hosts Senior Focus Lectures to address the unique health issues one faces when growing older. They provide a forum for the interactive exchange of health information between local medical experts and senior community members. These free, one-hour programs are held one day a month from April through November.

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